Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekly Horoscope from Saturday, August 25 - Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekly Horoscope
from Saturday, August 25 - Friday, August 31, 2012

Those who are born during 16 April - 15 May

This week, you will face an uphill task at the office, but you will have the strength and abilities to let the world witness your ability to overcome it. 

This will be particularly true if your work involves liason/negotiations/relations. 

It's likely that you'll run into your relatives, a large group of friends.

In regards to your health, you will be physically well, but you must keep your emotional health in check. Your temper may have adverse affects on your friends or loved ones so perhaps you should keep a distance from them to avoid conflict. 

Becareful of burns and cuts.

Those who are born during 16 May - 15 June

This week, it's highly likely that you'll get presents from afar, antiques, or spiritual/religious relics. 
An artist will bring you income and fame. 

Your finances will be adequate as long as you don't begin gambling. You'll be a hopeless (and debt-ridden) gambler.

Any issues related to real-estate/vehicle's paperwork or deeds will proceed smoothly. 

Any changes related to your work (e.g. change of work place, promotions, etc) may bring initial disatisfaction but will be beneficial in the long-term. 

Keep an eye out for accidents and get enough rest to avoid old health problems from returning. 

Even though it's possible that your romantic partner may bring you financial fortune, your love life is stable at this time.

Those who are born during 16 June - 15 July

This week, you will face an uphill task at the office, but you will successfully overcome it and resolve the issue for good. 

A person close to you (friend, senior figure, romantic partner) will inspire/give insights that will help with your work. 

Your finances will be good. 

Love life will be excellent.  If you are single, you may not be so for much longer. The opposite sex will find you attractive, and that feeling will be mutual. 

It's likely that you'll be travelling long distances particularly to attend a religious ceremony or site.


Those who are born during 16 July - 15 August

This week, you'll be financially successfull. Work will bring good financial returns particulary for those who are in the trading, PR, academic, and literary/publishing industries.

It's highly likely that you'll use this opportunity to renovate your house or vehicles. 

If you are single, life will be sweet but not settled. If you already have a partner, you'll go through a few ups and downs but will turn out alright. 

Watch for accidents that will cause cuts and burns. 

Conflict with senior figures are possible so proactively avoid it.

Those who are born during 16 Aug. - 15 Sept.

This week, your work will progress well particularly for those who want to establish a start-up company/project or coordinate with multiple parties. 

If you are faced with a huge responsibility, you will live up to the task and gain recognition for it. 

Those involved in competitions or agreement negotiations will be successful.

Your involvement with people from afar, old friends, or senior figures will bring good luck. However, you must be wary of possible jealousy that may arise from your good fortune but don't take it too seriously. 

Your health is much better this week. 

If you're single, you'll make hearty progress. If you're a couple, your partner will give excellent advice and support to you at this time.

Those who are born during 16 Sept. - 15 Oct.

This week, your work related to foreigners, foreign relations/dealings, religion or religious relics/totem will proceed particularly well. However, any liason and negotiation work may face difficulties, delay, disappointment, or conflict

You may engage in a war of words with people you deal with so be careful of what you say! 

In regards to finance, you will have both inflows and outflows of money but your outflows will exceed your inflows. Hence, you better save up, avoid getting into debt, and live within your means to ensure a stable future.

Your love life will be closely tied to your worklife. Perhaps you may get to work with someone attractive or work with your former darling. 

It's possible that you will be receiving/acquiring electronics, sharp, or hot objects this week.

Those who are born during 16 Oct. - 15 Nov.

This week, if you are participating in any contest,
your work/product/performance will fare well in the judges' eyes. Even though you may need to work hard to attain it, your hardwork will pay off with fame and success. 

There's a high change you'll travel abroad or to religios rites/sites.

Financially, you will have good income which may be a result of something unexpected or luck. 

Your romantic relations will continue smoothly. You may have an opportunity to travel with your partner or find love from your travels. 

Even though it's possible for you to suffer from cuts, burns, or surgeries; your main concern should be your temper which will affect your wellness most.

Those who are born during 16 Nov. - 15 Dec.

This week, eventhough you will face an uphill task, your intellect and judgement will help you overcome them. 

Your successful completion of the task will help bring about a promotion or help you acquire strong recommendations from senior figures if you are applying for a new job.

Even though you will continue to receive an inflow of money, unexpected outflows to your relatives, friends, or settlements will exceed it. 

In regards to your romantic relations, couples will go through a bland period as your partner may be distanced due to health issues or overwhelming professional obligations while singles will remain single. 

Those who are born during 16 Dec. - 15 Jan.

This week, the stars will be feeding you with money and gifts unexpectedly. 

Your work, particularly those that involve foreigners will proceed well. 

If you are pursuing religious/spiritual study then it will proceed well too. 

Your gut feelings will be accurate. 

You will be travelling often but in short distances.

You will have an opportunity to work with a magnitude of people. 

It's highly possible that people around you may be unhappy with your behaviour or jealous of your recent achievements so don't put complete faith in your new business partners or subordinates yet. 

Your romantic relations will proceed well. If you are single, you will have plenty of "options".

Those who are born during 16 Jan. - 15 Feb.

This week, you will be surrounded by a warring office: your colleagues will be sparring, you may be working near weapons, or violence. Try to stay away from all the conflicts and survive.

It's possible that an accident (particularly fire) may cause panic at the office. 

Your finances are not too good - faced with losses. Try to be prudent about your spendings. 

Any negotiations will run into short-term obstacles.

In regards to your romantic relations, distance will be the only thing stopping you from a conflict with your partner. 

Try to stay positive during this stormy week - it'll soon pass.

Those who are born during 16 Feb. - 15 Mar.

This week, your work will gain recognition and help you secure a promotion. In particular, any academic work, educational work, religious work, international work, or scholarship/education application will progress well.

Any former problems will be resolved. 

It's possible that you'll get hurt from minor medical service such as injections, blood tests, dental operations which will make you stronger. 

Couples will stay sweet, singles will meet good options.

If you are travelling with your partner, you'll be extra tired which may provoke you to say things that you'll regret to your partner. 

Those who are born during 16 March - 15 April

This week, be extra careful when negotiating agreements, finalizing deals, and scrutinizing paperwork because it's highly possible that you'll be disappointed or disadvantaged. 

You may be a subject of gossip. What you say may bring about conflict.

Financially, income will continue to flow in with additions to small fortunes here and there. However, do not lend money to anyone at this time for it will become bad-debt and you won't get your money back.

If your single, a senior figure (or senior-approved) will show interest in you.
If you're not single, your temper may bring about conflict - it's best to keep a little distance. 

You should try to stay warm and get enough rest to avoid any sickness that may come this week.

(: Best of Lucks :)

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