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Weekly Horoscope (from Saturday, August 18 to Friday, August 24, 2012)

Weekly Horoscope
from Saturday, August 18 - Friday, August 24, 2012

Those who are born during16 April - 15 May

This week, you must be aware of minor external wounds such as burns and cuts which are curable. However, if you have chronic health problems, you will get new and good ways to heal (new medicine or doctor). 

During this period, beware of temper problems.

It's a good time to negotiate financial deals, agreements, and conclude a positive outcome. You will have support from powers-that-be in business relating to land/real-estate, vehicles, and inheritance. 

If you are studying or involved in academic work, your efforts will bear fruit - bringing progress, fame, and happiness. 

Regarding your relationship, your friends may cause some issues. If you already have a partner, you will be in a cute 
bitter-sweet relationship where you will be the one approaching your partner.

Those who are born during 16 May - 15 June

This week, your unfortunate stars have gone hiding so it's your time to shine. 

You romantic relationships will go smoothly and may bring financial benefits to you as well. However, your romantic 
partner will work from behind the scenes either as a colleague or investment partner. 

Your financials will be great particularly in your portfolios involving real-estate/housing and auto-motives. If you are a salesman, your sales pitch will draw attention and result in beneficial sales negotiations. People will be pleased with you. 

However, watch out for your health which may result in fatigue or temporary sick leaves. Perhaps a dose of warm herbs drink will be beneficial to your health.

Those who are born during 16 June - 15 July

This week, your health will improve, but you must still keep an eye on your old health problems particularly those involving your reproductive systems. 

Despite your health, happiness will come from other aspects of your life. Anything you manage will be successful particularly in the areas of direct sales, middleman trader, negotiations, and public relations/advertising. 

Your financial matters and issues will be well. Even though you may be successful, but your work environment will still demand that you make tough decisions, adapt to revolutionary changes. 

If you are already in a relationship, your partner will support amidst some mild conflicts. The opposite sex will find you attractive. 

Beware of your children and subordinates who may sustain injuries or get high fevers.


Those who are born during 16 July - 15 August

This week, you will be successful in negotiating business which will results in both monetary earnings and physical asset earnings. 

Your superiors or someone famous/with deep connections will bring financial opportunities to you. 

However, your romantic relationship's outlook may not be so well. It's possible you may come in conflict with your partner, be distanced, or face much nonsense from your significant other. Try to go through it with an objective mind. 

Anyways, your other work will proceed well with much support and trust from your superiors. You will be offered new opportunities, but do accept them with caution because you may run into huge obstacles if you are not careful with these opportunities. 

In this period, you may renovate your house or vehicle. Your dear elderly relatives will use this week to revive themselves. Be careful of conflict with neighbors and relatives.

Those who are born during 16 Aug. - 15 Sept.

This week, you will be successful and gain credit/fame for your work. 

However, it's not a very good time for negotiating or signing various agreements because you will face bureaucratic issues such as scheduling conflicts (when arranging meetings of various parties), irreconcilable differences, or you may be put at a disadvantage. 

Financially, this week is rather satisfactory where you will find a good business partner or be happy with your current partner who will bring good financial return, money will 
flow both in and out, you'll get good outcomes from your business dealings that involve foreigners, and old money will flow in to increase your solvency. 

If your work involves religions or explorations you will be exceptionally successful (financially). 

If you have been facing obstacles at the office, you will start to see the light at the end of the tunnel this week with support from your superiors. 

In regards to matter of the heart, you will be lucky: singles will be attractive and couples will have a good time.

Those who are born during 16 Sept. - 15 Oct.

This week, your love life will progress positively. Work will bring you closer to attractive and cute people of the opposite sex who will also find you attractive and there's a high chance that you'll get to take a trip with that person. 

If you already have someone special, then your relationship will improve: if distanced, you'll come together. 

Regarding your financial issues, you need to be a bit cautious: don't take big risks, don't trust people who are trying to convince you to try your luck - you may be scammed. There will be both an inflow and outflow of money this week. 

It's possible that you will be in possession of a new electrical appliance, hot object, or sharp object. 

Your work will progress well particularly those that involve distance communications, religious organizations, antiques, historical sites, or spiritual sites. 

Your old/current/pending job will bring a lump of money to you especially if your work involves art.

Those who are born during 16 Oct. - 15 Nov.

This week, you still need to be cautious of possible burns, cuts, or injuries that will require surgeries. You'll be extra ill-tempered and must take extra effort to keep your emotions in-check to prevent outbursts. 

There's still a chance that you will be travelling a lot particularly to historical places. You'll meet people who will bring you financial opportunities especially foreigners or people who are not local to where you're from. 

Your financials will be good this week as you receive lump-sum money. Your work will proceed smoothly especially for those whose work involves liaison, sales (direct), negotiations, and communications. 

Your problems are going away, but yet your worries over these trivial problems will be persistent. 

Your love life will be fine. It's possible that you'll makeup to your ex, travel with your soul mate, or travel with your current partner. 

If you are awaiting good news, it sure will be coming!

Those who are born during 16 Nov. - 15 Dec.

This week, your work will excel and bear fruit as you work alongside respectful and honorable people. 

You'll be praised for your work. If a new position or work opportunity arises, don't hesitate to apply. You'll be promoted and rewarded for your hard work. 

However, despite your praise at the office, your financials will not be too well, as unexpected expenses will arise: righting a wrong, helping others who are in need, etc so plan your finances ahead for these unexpected events. 

You'll be tired, so watch your health as your weakened state will make you prone to sickness. 

Your love life is mediocre: your loved ones may be sick, uncomfortable, far away, or both busy. 

However, if you've already faced your financial problems as stated above, it will reduce your chances of facing problems with your significant other as described.

Those who are born during 16 Dec. - 15 Jan.

This week, if you are working with foreigners, you will find success and progress more so if you work in the academic, quality control, auditing, or investigative field. You will spend this week travelling. Your work will involve your friends. Be careful of conflicts with senior figures. 

Contractual or agreement disputes may arise. Arrangements and meetings may not go as expected due to schedule changes. Be careful of conflicts. 

Your finances will progress satisfactorily due to involvement of senior figures. 

If you already have a romantic partner, your relationship woes will start to alleviate and you'll remain good companions. You may be distracted by former lovers. 

Watch for your health - dormant issues such as tumors, Hemorrhoids, and allergies may re-arise.

Those who are born during 16 Jan. - 15 Feb.

This week, your work that involves negotiations, liaison, and strategy will proceed smoothly. Your proposal will be taken seriously. If you had previously been hopeless about your career, this is the time to rekindle your hope and start looking for opportunities. 

Your career stars are back in position and will stay there for some time, so now is the time to look for a new job, seek transfers, or do anything that involves your career progression. 

Having said that, you will still be faced with an uphill task, major changes in your role/organization, or work with men in uniform. It's highly probable that your work may involve hot objects or weaponry. 

You finances are satisfactory - you'll make it. 

In regards to your love-issues, you'll be faced with issues that will be a burden to your heart: if you are not single, you'll have to drag each other along this obstacle course together as you bicker with each other; if you are single, asking someone out now will be your biggest mistake. 

Those who are born during 16 Feb. - 15 Mar.

This week, your work will bring you on the road. Despite the tiring travels and sporadic sparring along the way, you will have energy to carry through with your tasks. 

However, in regards to work that involves negotiations, coordination, and drafting of agreements will face setbacks which may include delays, mistakes, and disputes. Hence, you need to be extra careful and make sure that you don't make mistakes, else those who are keen on holding you accountable will succeed. Beware of conflicts and problems that may worsen because of lost documents. 

Some good news: your finances will be smooth. There will be income that allows you more financial flexibility and help you make sound judgments and decisions. 

Your love life will also be well as people will find you exceptionally attractive and there's a chance that famous people will find you attractive as well. Keep your cool, don't rush into things yet.

Those who are born during 16 March - 15 April

This week, what you have been hoping for may not be turning out as well as you are still facing many obstacles and in risk of being defamed or thrown into a conflict with influential people (e.g. your boss). 

Despite, all the coordination that seems to be going well between parties involved and yourself, it's best to tackle the problem on your own. 

For those of you who want to leave or change work - be a  little patient and hold on for now because you will face similar or worse problems at your new workplace if you move. However, if your work is academic or legal, your efforts will produce good results. 

Your work will involve the reception of foreign visitors or religious affairs.

Be on watch for your health. You may be particularly exhausted which will leave you prone to the flu or other seasonal sickness. 

You may receive lucky charms for your vehicle or house. 

In regards to your romantic issues, senior figures may introduce you to someone who you are already quite familiar with or perhaps someone who is slightly older may find you attractive.

(: Best of Lucks :)

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